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Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher Training

Importance of fire safety, laws associated with fire, execution of rules and regulations, fire warden responsibilities, number of fire wardens businesses need, and preparation for your role. Understanding of fire triangle, fire classes, dangerous materials and substances, hazard labelling and packaging.

Manual Handling Course

This Manual Handling Training Course assists employers with guaranteeing that they and their employees are adequately trained in the standards and practices of safe handling. This course gives effective training to understand the dangers related to manual handling, risk assessment analysis and proper control measures. The course additionally includes recordings, charts/ diagrams, and downloadable resources to use in your working environment.

Traffic Safety and Control Training

This course gives essential life-saving emergency treatment training and skills in the work environment, health and security guidelines, covering adult resuscitation (CPR), burns and scalds, choking adult, communication and casualty care, defibrillator prompts and response, defibrillator pad placement, minor and severe bleeding, the role of the first aider, shock, unresponsive adult.

Working in Confined Spaces Training

This course will help you learn to work safely and enter and exit medium-risk confined spaces. The efficient and safe usage of equipment and tools, following a work protocol, dealing with emergencies, understanding the duties and responsibilities of an entry controller, etc., are all crucial learning outcomes of this course.

Abrasive Wheel Training

The course is designed to give a brief introduction to Abrasive wheels. It includes types of abrasive wheels, laws associated with abrasive wheels, hazards and dangers, responsibilities of manufacturers, employers, employees, and HSE guidance.