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How to Get CSCS Green Card

How to Get a CSCS Green Card

To get a CSCS Green Card,

1. Take a one-day course for the CSCS Green Card (online or in person).

2. Pass the CITB Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) Operatives exam.

3. Apply for your CSCS Card and arrange the CITB/CSCS test through Nile Training Centre.

CSCS Touch screen Test only
(CITB Health & Safety Test) - £55

The CITB CSCS Test / HSE Test aids in enhancing your understanding of site conduct and raises awareness regarding health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Each assessment lasts for 45 minutes and consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, including 12 behavioural case studies and 38 knowledge-based inquiries. Various tests have been customised to meet the specific demands of different trades and professions.

You can schedule a CITB CSCS Test / HSE Test at our Kingston Upon Thames Centre, but ensure you select the appropriate one and make sure you have done adequately prepare for the examination. The fee for each test is £65 (£22.5 being the main price of the test and the remaining amount covering administrative costs).

The information on this page is only a guide and can depend on your individual situation. We highly recommend that you consult with your line manager or employer if you are unsure about which test, or card would be right for you.

CSCS Packages

Courses We Provide



Upon completion of this course, you'll receive the Green CSCS card, alongside Traffic Marshal and Fire Marshal cards.

This course combines online Level 1 health and safety in construction with the CITB touch screen test, which is physical. Traffic and Fire Marshal training are also provided online.

We'll guide you throughout.

Cost breakdown:

  • Level 1 + TM + FM: £150
  • Touch screen test: £22.5
  • Green card application: £36
  • Administrative fees: £60

Green CSCS card Only


This course combines Level 1 Health and Safety in Construction with the CITB touch screen test.

At the end of this course, you will obtain the CSCS green card.

We will thoroughly train and teach you throughout.

Cost breakdown:

  • Level 1: £120
  • Touch screen test: £22.5
  • Green card application: £36
  • Administrative costs: £60

Level 1 H&S in the Construction Environment only


This course forms one part of the CSCS green card.

Once you complete this course, we can schedule your CITB touch screen test, and then you'll obtain your green card.

If you prefer to have all the components in one package, please refer to the next course book, where you can purchase the bundle.

Entirely online, there's no need for you to visit our centre.

Simply book online, commence the next day, and attain certification at your own pace, with testing also at your convenience.

Suitable for individuals seeking to apply for the CSCS green card.