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This medium-risk confined space training course is designed for individuals working in a medium-risk environment. It covers the necessary preparations for work, safe entry and exit procedures for medium risk confined spaces, and the proper utilization of equipment and devices in accordance with rules and regulations. The course incorporates the updated National Occupational Standards and Water UK National Classifications (Nc's). It is conducted in a confined space setting such as an indoor passage or tunnel and includes training on the use of breathing equipment and emergency protocols.

Course Category: Special Training Cours
Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Fee: £50

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This course will equip you with the skills to work safely in medium risk confined spaces, including entering and exiting such spaces. Key learning outcomes of this course include the efficient and safe use of equipment and tools, adherence to work protocols, handling emergencies, and understanding the responsibilities of an entry controller.

Team Work

Working in a medium risk confined space involves inherent risks and the potential for accidents. This course emphasizes the importance of teamwork, environmental monitoring, the use of escape breathing apparatus, and access equipment.

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